2012 Wishlist #1

1 Jan


I was browsing over my facebook account and then I saw a post that took almost all of my attentions. Well, I said almost all cause I was busy rapping to the tune of “Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj. Ok, well anyways the post was made by Comfort Scents Online and I clicked on the post and it lead me to the seller’s profile.

Honestly, I have no idea about this product! LOL. But thank you  google for letting me know more about it ☺

When these came out last year they received a lot of hype, mostly due for the unique shape. As of May 2011, EOS  has stocked many stores’ shelves with its limited edition Summer 2011 collection of lip balm smooth spheres . EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. The lipbalms are 95% organic and 100% natural. They are gluten, paraben, and petrolatum free. They contain shea butter and vitamin E which help provide moisture.

I have had this dry smoochies problem since forever, and I’ve tried lots of balms to sooth my dry lips. The last post that I’ve written about lip balms was the one about Carmex  and it worked pretty well but I think it’s going to be empty pretty soon so I need a new one as soon as possible! Hehe ☺

Fascinated by the shape and having grown up my whole life as a lip balm over lip gloss kind of girl, I could not have been more excited to try out these spheres. It’s January so the temperature is lower than normal and cause of that my lips are constantly dry and chapped and in need of moisture. Summer season is about to come too so I am going to be in need of an SPF protection so my lips won’t get sun damage. That’s when I decided that I should really try this one out. So I ordered one from Comfort Scents Online. A box of 2 costs P550.00 plus shipping fee costs P90.00 since I’m located outside Metro Manila.

I ordered the Box of 2 limited Edition Lip Balms composed of Strawberry Sorbet and Passionfruit :

I googled some more options regarding EOS lip balms and I found these:

Lip Balm Smooth Stick in Vanilla Bean

Honeysuckle Honeydew

Summer Fruit

Lemon Drop

And of course Strawberry Sorbet (pink) and Passion fruit (lavender)

Actually there are more options I think. LOL ☺

I can’t make any reviews yet as of the moment so bear with me please it could take a bit. (Yea, I stole it in one of Drake’s lyrics because I just felt like saying it. *evil laugh*) And oh, in case you are wondering I renamed this as my 2012 Wishlist  cause obviously it’s no longer Christmas. Happy New Year everyone! If you have anything to say please free to comment!

xxx Lovelots xxx

♥ M A E ♥


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